MPJE Law Review Course Book

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The Pharmacy Law and Public Policy Course Book is a concise, organized, and practical approach to preparing for the (MPJE) Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination focusing on Arizona Pharmacy laws. When used in conjunction with the (MPJE ) Pharmacy Law Review Course, this textbook is designed to help you review the most important Federal and Arizona specific pharmacy laws that affect the profession. 

Note: The textbook can be purchased separately or alternatively it is provided complimentary with the purchase of the AzPA Federal and Arizona State Pharmacy Law Review Course. To purchase the MPJE Review Course CLICK HERE

Description: Digital Book 495 pages

Topics covered in the textbook include:

  • Pharmacy Law Terminology

  • Introduction to Law

  • Regulating the Pharmacy Profession: Federal & State oversight

  • Drug Development, Production & Advertising

  • Licensing of Pharmacies, Pharmacists and other license and permit holders

  • Dispensing Medications & Caring for Patients

  • Controlled Substances

  • Contract, Malpractice & Products Liability

  • Medicaid Medicare, EMTALA and Anti-Trust Statutes

  • Arizona Revised Statutes

  • Uniform Controlled Substances Act: Title 36-Chapter 27

  • Arizona Administrative Code: Title 4-Chapter 23

  • Legislative Updates from current year 

Price:  $199

To purchase the AzPA Federal and Arizona State Pharmacy Law Review Course (7 hours of CPE!) CLICK HERE

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